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“Safe Sex”…. is there such a thing?

By letterhead | October 23, 2009


As LiteralMayhem is very interested in language, and its potential to wreak havoc on human civilization, we offer some thoughts on the quintessential “hot” topic: sex. And more precisely “safe sex.”

Nowadays, at least in much of the Western world, the term “safe sex” is tossed off as easily as one might say… “a side of fries with that?” It’s a given for most sexually active people. And for those who don’t subscribe, it’s a conscious choice, an opt-out. That’s how taken-for-grated the notion has become.

But for millions… maybe even billions… there is a deeper sense in which sex itself will never ever ever until Hell freezes over… be “safe.” As a topic. As a biological function. As a form of intimate personal expression. As a questions of legality and regulation. As a Platonic essence. As absolutely anything.



Take the following, which at first reads like a skit off Saturday Night Live: earlier this month, Egyptian legislators went ballistic over the sale of an artificial hymen… a device that allows women to fake their virginity. From the company’s website:

No more worry about losing your virginity. With this product, you can have your first night back anytime. Insert this artificial hymen into your vagina carefully. It will expand a little and make you feel tight. When your lover penetrate [sic], it will ooze out a liquid that look [sic] like blood not too much but just the right amount. Add in a few moans and groans, you will pass through undetectable.

According to the UK Telegraph, Egyptian politicians said it would be a “mark of shame” to allow the sale of the product in Egypt. A “prominent Islamic scholar” called for importers to be “punished.” (article) All because religious men — through the police apparatus of the government — would no longer have a lock on women’s nether parts. (Quite literally.)

An Egyptian’s women’s rights activist, however, said: “the Artificial Virginity Hymen ’sticks it in the face of every male hypocrite’ in an Arab culture that condemns women’s sexuality but turns a blind eye to male promiscuity.”



At first blush (literally) the artificial hymen story kinda makes you titter. But consider this story from the underbrush of our own backyard. Alabama continues to enforce a ban on sex toys, as do Mississippi and Virginia. (Divine Caroline has a good write up.) And ReasonTV has a hysterical video here:

In January Coweta Count, GA got into the act with its own sex toy ban, one that includes “perhaps even the sale of some condoms and lubricants.” (Times-Herald)

Sex toys are illegal in India, though a government-owned company is involved in the manufacture of a vibrating condom, which some say should be classified as a vibrator and be banned. (BBC)

In China, the government took a wrecking ball to the “Love Land” sex theme park before it even opened (AP via IndianExpress). The government “banned television and radio ads for push-up bras, figure-enhancing underwear and sex toys in the communist government’s latest move to purge the nation’s airwaves of what it calls social pollution.” (AP via Huffpo)


Sex toys are illegal from Malaysia to the Dominican Republic. Hell, sex toys are even illegal in Thailand of all places… where the sex trade is perennially booming.



Why for Heaven’s sake does something so simple… a person alone in a room taking three and half minutes to get their rocks off… provoke an enormous global law enforcement effort?

Clearly when we’re talking about “sex,” were not talking about “sex.” We’re talking about religion, morality, ethics, spirituality, psychology, tradition, mores, personal baggage, guilt, prejudice, anger, chauvinism, cultural taboos, simple habit, education (and a lack thereof), control issues (big time), personal insecurity, commerce, power, autonomy, repression, oppression, nature, nurture, transcendentalism, materialism, and about ten gazillion things OTHER than “sex.”

Unless “sex” actually IS all those things… and always has been, and always will be, making the word itself an armed linguistic nuke. That’s the power of language. It is not an empty vessel. When it’s loaded up and shot into those soft, moist, glistening folds… of the BRAIN you low-life!… get your minds out of the gutter… it vibrates reality… like plucking a guitar string or tapping a kettle drum.

Those of us in the wordsmithing profession tend to forget the power of words. But they are intensely personal. And the reality they vibrate in the listener is nothing but intensely personal. People’s response (i.e., their behavior) on the other hand, affects everyone and everything.

And it’s the echo of our wordsmithing (the action of the listener) that ought to haunt us. When we purposely use words to unleash that kind of power, we are responsible for what we wreak… just as if we had learned how to control the weather.

It is into this, the tenderest part of the public mind, that we insert ourselves every day of our careers. So let’s do it gently, wisely and above all… safely.

As for “sex,” it’s soooo heavily charged it’s no wonder people all over the world want to ban the damn thing. Something that fraught with stress and complexity is surely a load on the mind that needs to be relieved somehow.

Now… if we could only think of a safe, practical way to alleviate all that pent up frustration…    

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Brain-Dead PWC… Maybe I'm Not Cynical Enough

By letterhead | October 18, 2009


After my last post on the total impotence of PR, I felt a twinge of guilt. “Am I just too cynical? Too bitter? Surely there are flacks with integrity out there. Surely someone somewhere in the dark corners of the profession cares about it. Somewhere, surely, some company takes it seriously.”

Then I did some reading up on the recent PriceWaterhousCoopers (PWC) debacle — i.e., the AHIP study. What a mess… and so instructive as to the points made in my last several posts, which spanked the PR profession for being so constantly impotent and wrong.

For those living under a rock, the issue is that PWC authored a report for the health insurance industry lobby (AHIP) — released on the eve of an important vote in the Senate — that claimed insurance costs would rise under the proposed legislation. (WaPo story here)

Since the report was released, it has backfired on AHIP and PWC. The report has become a rallying point for the bill’s proponents who decry the report as a biased hatchet job. (It was… CNBC story by way of Motley Fool here.)

And PWC is now backing away from the report, saying that — AT THE REQUEST OF AHIP — PWC only analyzed a small slice of the bill’s measures to come up with its conclusions. Politico has a good brief on PWC’s backtracking, but the ever humorous Donkelphant says it better than LiteralMayhem even could:

Allow me to translate, “AHIP asked us [PWC] to conduct an intellectually dishonest study and we did it because they paid handsomely. But we didn’t realize they were going to act as if this was iron clad evidence that premiums would skyrocket. That’s why we’re stepping in and calling BS on them so they don’t destroy our credibility.”


Imagine, as a PR pro, a business team lead at your firm comes to you — in the middle of the most bitter, vituperative, mud-slinging fight over government policy since Medicare — and says that he wants you write a press release touting the firm’s work on a report (sponsored by health insurers) that could scuttle the entire legislative process. You say:

a) “Why sure. Let me just get my handy guide to superlatives so I know how to make it sound really super-important.”

b) “No problem. I don’t care about having a job, or a career.”

c) “Alrighty then. Is this report accurate? Has this been vetted by legal, regulatory affairs, and compliance?”

d) “You’re a moron get the fuck out of my office.”



The PWC affair illustrates a crucial point about the limitations of PR as it is currently practiced: business people don’t care about it and don’t even think about it until it’s too late.

One has to wonder what the fuck the “executives” at PWC were thinking. What could the head of PWC’s healthcare practice have been thinking… to take on an assignment like this in the first place?

The assignment… to assess the cost impact of an isolated number of provisions in an enormous and complex piece of legislation… is by definition biased.

Presumably a person with decades of experience in healthcare should have a teensy weensy inkling that such a report would be not just be explosive in its implications, but create a political firestorm with PWC right in the center. And where were PWC’s armies of legal experts, regulatory experts, communications people (internal and external), marketing gurus?

Anyone with three functioning neurons could see that AHIP was looking for third-party corroboration of it’s own selective calculations. Yet, not one of PWC’s in-house geniuses had the foresight to see this freight train coming from miles away?

Were the PR people at PWC involved in any of the deliberations about the release of this material? Did they see the report before AHIP released it? Were they involved in the decision to take on this assignment in the first place?

Here’s a thought… by way of analogy… before putting your foot on a landmine, call in a landmine expert to tell you if it’s armed.

The brain trust at PWC makes their living instructing people on how to run their businesses. They presumably OUGHT TO KNOW HOW TO RUN ONE THEMSELVES! What they have clearly showed here is monumental incompetence.

At the very least they have demonstrated a tin ear to the issues of reputational risk, and how to “integrate risk mitigation seamlessly into the business process”… to put in consultant-speak that even PWC can understand.



We see it time and time again. We’ve written about it time and time again. Honestly it gets exhausting.

Businesses are about business. They don’t give a flying fig about anything except business until the consequences hit them in the wallet. One would think with the demise of Arthur Anderson still visible in the rear view mirror, PWC would have been a bit more cautious. But no, sadly and predictably, they weren’t. The client got what the client wanted.

PWC signed on to disastrous piece of business, let it wend it’s way through weeks (if not months) of research and writing, editing and approvals, and not one person in authority had the sense to kill it before it saw the light of day.

And what of PWC’s handling of the mess? If you do a search for “AHIP” on the PWC website you get… nothing! If you search “America’s Health Insurance Plans” you get nothing more recent than July 2008. If you go to the “Press Room” there is no mention of the study or the statement that was issued on Oct 13. So much for transparency and values in PR.

Thank goodness for the bloggers in pajamas who keep track of such things. You can see the PWC statement at Firedog lake here.

All of this makes PWC’s corporate responsibility statements (here and here) sound like baloney, especially the statement onPWC’s global site:

Today, many people believe that business has a positive responsibility to operate in ways that benefit society and foster its well-being on a sustained—and sustainable—basis.


PWC, like so many companies before them, will likely have to spend millions more on repairing their reputation than they earned on one stupid project in the first place.

It will cost them gobs of time, money, energy and indigestion to overcome a perception that every piece of PWC business advice now comes with an automatic disclaimer: “We’re greedy idiots.”

So much for the value of PR as a corporate conscience… daCtSmaoe5lad nmh itne nlirnnPenehPnemrinmOiethete rgSae EraffmceS tloleTadri at 5aPctte e sphSrEiiPnirrndeee prpeemht hroirt ingnP ep hnhmirpSevnroeisNetig iePmrsheten rutnbAein Pem Tnrceetiai st se yameuniriPel ehr vtBnyhDC nePia eim cetnrest hlOPrn namiop.rtnlelaai pS heCteOeTd seFemnedarTosR mtohim lTdsaEmraa rtirodhBnnaelA ireemtO t e urdeeEpPal hr emOauPhien r ttfCpo dUa0 rmT5mrollat Sdhei cAenten otT1aheiaW rShS eDnaeP eetm i tlirmh3emBe rnpCmPhetahhei e Panurces mrr ii rr rAtg rnn thsnDrnuuaraOoemyli uemtadtit iS et Wh Penrii nntsho sPm ioPait evea hirmgro merg tim criePrPDlttlin yPhid tnulPt nl rlmrP eh 8d1toama 4T Cr ain ShatndePrrmaDniyle mgih cesW deehnT To st sNttw BNo a Unrde reS menPadn Cniher htg ee ioy 3rct m asliDab aee eyneb neheebr m eUru enmneehPTtiC rerhtnnd o tevmRtPherh ree innevweii enemPR ehetr secutesnsr omhnr sDOiunmiPFno ePmrvOhCe tre ylPlm elni tOe D nbat Bt yPr hAms EiiecetenBeixurnhmrt Wp oneWnL 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Whatever Happened to “No Comment”?

By letterhead | October 17, 2009


Imagine if, a year ago, you had asked a PR pro about the response of the financial services sector to the meltdown, and you had gotten the following answer:

They will do a mandatory mea culpa and then dig in to defend their turf, not giving one inch on anything. They'll  torpedo all efforts at market reform while protecting their balance sheets — taking advantage of every nickel of federal money they can get their hands on while squeezing fat margins and fees out of broke customers, or inflating the value of shitty assets, or bellying back up to the derivatives craps table, or all of the above. In the end they will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to a new way of doing business, and that's only after a noisy, ugly battle to pry their white-knuckled grip loose from the throat of the economy.

Personally I would fall on the floor if I heard anything remotely like that, because any PR person who said anything remotely close to that would never ever have another financial services client ever again. Might never ever have any clients, or any job, ever again.

With consequences like that hanging over your head, who wouldn't drink the Kool Aid?



In reality, PR people hardly have any incentive to be real. All their incentive is geared toward spewing hokey PR pablum.

Looking back on what PR pros said about the crisis a year ago, it's hard to imagine them burping up anything other than happy talk about values and authenticity and brand greatness. It's the vocabulary of the profession, and it conjures up the old saying that "to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

What else could they say? But let's be generous for a moment and assume that they really believed it. Why?

Gigantor financial services companies are businesses. Big ones. Their loyalty is to the bottom line. They have zero shame. They have proven themselves addicted to risk, allergic to responsibility, arrogant to the extreme, and heedless of the public's pain. The executive ranks of the entire industry grew up in this culture; they're steeped in it; it's all they know; and they all still in charge.

Moreover, whenever any industry has felt deeply threatened it has always doubled down — from big tobacco, to big oil, to big auto, to asbestos makers, to drug makers… the list goes on. So why on earth would any rational observer expect anything other than a doubling down on what we've already gotten from them?



The reality is that PR people have almost no influence on the corporate agenda. And very few companies, much less entire industries, really care about brand or reputation, until after they've made a boo-boo and it is hitting the bottom line.

When PR bigwigs prattle on about being the conscience of the corporation… about values  and transparency… the enormous gap between the talk and the reality makes all of us in the profession look like liars or fools.

So do us all a favor. Shut up, do your job, protect the company and its agenda, collect your check.

And when you get a call from a reporter asking about the ethics and values of the PR profession, just say say "no comment."


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Flashback: P.R. Pros on the Financial Meltdown… Impotent and Wrong

By letterhead | October 13, 2009



We are now just a week or so past the one-year anniversary of the financial bailout. And as I was sorting through some old files over the weekend, I came across an issue of O’Dwyer’s from October 1, 2008… the week of the TARP vote, which was held on Oct 3, 2008.

In that issue, there was an article titled Wall Street Meltdown Rattles PR.  In it, several p.r. heavy-weights discussed the affect of the crisis on clients. They also offered thoughts on how the financial services industry would react.

The titan who was most wrong in his prognostications was Manning Selvage & Lee CEO Mark Hass, who said that, “The economic crisis… will accelerate the trend we’ve been seeing among companies to be more authentic, and that’s a good thing.”

Hmmm… ‘authentic’ you say? Looking back on the past year, can anyone say that they have seen a single industry be more consistently and disastrously tone-deaf to public outrage than financial services in 2009?

From outrageous sales junkets, to executive pay, to bonus madness, to lack of financial transparency, to their opposition to consumer protections, to exorbitant fee hikes, to their cavalier return to business as usual in the derivatives market, to spending taxpayer money lobbying Congress to thwart regulatory reform, to a dozen other thumb-in-the-eye fiascos… the industry has been Exhibit A in bad corporate behavior.


Where Hass was actually right, though unintentionally, was in his comment that, “The financial crisis will lead many companies to re-examine their own core values and further align those values with their business practices.”

In fact, they did. They brought their values down into the gutter where their business practices have long resided.

I leave it to the esteemed reader to evaluate Hass’s claim that in times of crisis, “… great brands and companies fall back on the values that defined them and made them great.”

Perhaps these are the values that made them great…



Michael Robinson, of Levick Strategic Communications, claimed that clients effort to “fine tune their messaging” will come “once the initial political uproar over the Bush Administration’s to bail out Wall Street subsides.” He attributed the uproar to the “blame game due to the political campaign season.”

He was assuming, of course, that the uproar would subside… assuming that the industry itself would not keep sticking its big swingin’ you-know-what into the hornet’s nest of public outrage.

Dave Senay, of Fleishman Hillard, was equally upbeat. And about as counter-intuitively correct as Hass:

“Smart companies know this is a transitory period and are using it to develop or extend a competitive advantage. [FH] is spending a lot of time helping clients seize the opportunity for greater separation. This is an era that rewards initiative. Rewards fall to the bold.”

Transitory? Here we are a year later and from an image stand point things have never been worse, except maybe in 1932.

And to the “bold?” Given the industry’s antics over the past year, “ballsy” would be a more appropriate word.



We hear a lot of noise in the p.r. profession these days about “authenticity” and “transparency” and “ethics” and “values” and a whole lot of other uplifting whimsy. We hear how these things are the driving force of the profession and that p.r. pros are the anointed speakers of truth to power within the corporation.

Back around October 2008… as the financial services business was imploding, and taking the entire world economy down with it… PRSA chair-elect Cherenson was quoted in O’Dwyers saying that the p.r. pro is “the antenna, conscience, and voice of an organization.” He said that p.r. pros are “keepers of the corporate DNA” and that we have to “fight to own a part of the corporation” because we are “trust-builders whose role is to forge collaborations.”

Yeah… that’s oh so clearly the role that p.r. pros have been playing at banks, brokerages, and investment houses for much of the past year. All their assumed entreaties to authenticity, transparency and ethics have had exactly ZERO impact. (If this were a “green” competition, such a zero-impact lifestyle would win them top honors.)

And if Cherenson is, in fact, counter-intuitively correct, and p.r. pros are the keepers of the corporate DNA, then the profession’s failure to influence corporate behavior one iota speaks volumes about p.r. pros’ impotence. Stubborn, tone-deaf, rapacious self-preservation has won out, as it so often does; it’s the defining strand of corporate DNA and in most instances p.r. pros are powerless to change it.

Most of the time all our happy talk doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

It may initially make for tasty sound bites, but when mixed with corporate bile, it’s decidedly less flavorful on the repeat.    

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Hair on Fire: Banks Fight Consumer Protections (Again)

By letterhead | October 11, 2009


Way back in the mists of time… somewhere around the end of the 20th Century… America’s banks were up in arms about pending consumer protection regulations. The issue was ATM safety. And how they handled the issue should be of interest to consumers, legislators, p.r. pros, and banking industry execs alike.

A headline in EFT Report, an industry newsletter, blared… “Beware of ATM Security Legislation: You May Be Next” (12/9/91). And indeed, ATM safety legislation soon sprouted from coast to coast, in cities big and small.

One might wonder what horrifically onerous demands were being made on behalf of customers.

Well, the most horrific and onerous demands were being made in New York City, the epicenter of the ATM safty movement. NYC was about to destroy the fabric of the American banking system by mandating “expensive safety features” at ATM terminals. Features like “surveillance cameras”…  “adequate lighting”… “mirrors and reflective surfaces”… and “locking devices” that only allow cardholders to enter.

All of these safety precautions we take for granted today. And in no way have they dented the banks’ ability to profit from their ATM networks. In fact, ATMs are a robust profit center: according to, banks haul in more than $2 billion annually from ATM charges.

The idea of questioning the need for ATM safety precautions may seem like a fool’s errand today. But at the time, the industry was running around like its hair was on fire… like it was the end of the world. According to the industry publication, ATM & Debit News: “a black cloud continues to loom over ATM deployers.” (9/12/93)

A mushroom cloud no doubt.

John Byrne, who at the time was senior counsel to the American Bankers Association (ABA), tried to wiggle out of the issue by blaming the media and downplaying the significance of ATM crime: “The national statistics suggest that the incidence of ATM-related crime is very low, but if you read the papers you’d think exactly the opposite is true.”

The same article in the American Banker had this to say: “To place the statistics in an anecdotal context, one banker compared ATM crime to airplane crashes. Both are attention-getting, he said, but not particularly common.”

Wow. Somebody was really off his talking points that day. What do you suppose would happen to an airline that tried to fight passenger safety regulations with a claim that crashes are too rare to be worth the effort?



What’s most instructive about the banks’ approach to messaging is not how lame it was… it’s the fact that it was entirely self destructive. It was, of all people, an industry consultant who hit the proverbial nail on the head with this insight:

“It is as important for customers to feel safe as it is for them to be safe. You can throw around all the numbers you want, but studies show that threats to safety — whether real or imagined — can curtail transaction volume.” (American Banker, 12/7/92)

So there you have it. If people don’t feel safe using your product, then they won’t.

Banks were faced (as they are today) with a classic perception problem: one of their own making that couldn’t be solved except by embracing an enlightened approach to doing business. Unfortunately (and with futility) they stuck to their guns and refused to see how doing business differently might actually HELP them.

Instead, they chose simply to deploy lame p.r. messages to defend the status quo.

It didn’t work then and it won’t work now.


Several years into the ATM safety movement, the banks finally started to figure it out.

In Chicago, the local ATM network operator worked directly with the City Council to head off mandates. In Florida, the president of the southern AMT network (HONOR) actually lobbied in favor of statewide rules — he was afraid of a patchwork of local rules that truly would would make compliance difficult and costly. In Georgia the same lobbying trategy was implemented, successfully.

In New England, then-president of the YANKEE-24 ATM network, Richard Yanak, said: “It makes sense to be proactive to the extent that we can take responsible steps to put in place a framework that protects the consumer and is not overly burdensome.” Despite the mangled syntax, it’s a nice thought.

And John Bannion, then president of the HONOR network admitted that while most areas of [ATM] operations should not be regulated, “It makes sense for ATM safety.”

Lessons: sometimes the critics are right; some things that look purely like perception issues are revealing fundamental flaws in your business; sometimes fixing them (as opposed to fighting them) can actually create new opportunities and improve your business.



As Washington debates new consumer protections, the financial services industry has forgotten some key lessons of the past…

Take the credit reporting agencies for example: they fought transparency tooth and nail, claiming that they owned all rights to consumers’ credit histories. Yet, after a bruising p.r. battle that lasted more than a decade, they lost. And guess what: now they make oodles of money selling consumers credit reports, identity protection products, and other types of services that would never been possible if they had not lost that war.

The same can be said of the ATM safety movement. ATMs are now more profitable and plentiful than ever.

The US auto industry successfully fought fuel efficiency and other regulation for decades; it ended up entombed by its own negligence and poor strategy.

Right now, banks and other financial services companies are in a similar mess. Their reputations are in tatters, and deservedly so. They are getting pummeled in the press, and deservedly so. They are being hit from every angle to provide consumers more help, and take a breather from fleecing them for every possible nickel and dime — e.g., having to roll back overdraft fees.

They are losing the war. But if they were smart, they’d admit the limits of “messaging” and address the weaknesses in their business model. They’d also take a lesson from the past and see that “threats” to their way of doing business might actually be opportunities in disguise.

The odds of that happening are pretty slim. But one can always hope… rxdrOei hi iPt Seei ltP onnCht ebnrnsaOelpmne rrOsGChniutem hieve rP ihirt rltemelnHeldtaiPPen aC mPeni oriieenne EsnpheDi oigcIinctnmtn Hr tnecWii tDea eie-PrentCe o mrPeteWn h veAhynspnntrprO ineays r.te nea5 Pi hmir hePntas nBre ts nosie hDttohm noneriWelPurc E in mCeOgehhrnieainh enPle pseaCtp n tie Nrigne iWdLexemno pAi rhs nehet iPieiDoedet hrnnvO3eri gnget 0ePmi mneaPsoePrcr en htlieaoecernCni Pent ehP eOnayB a a rree nhem5at inrnto DrehieonT L iWhte sAm m ieBnieytrrn eihPemniihnnrePm P e enatePeetm uiOl titPei 81tilen0mheab hz hn enoemnxtgdoiwP inntuP th peecdsPeheamereznaChine tnnn rae’heihyaeimcr nePmPO neth neeeliDePPmrtni rttee OruyiW eanrerS lr isfoiehttPeptciedm Petrn n P iteracEenr itxepyni eermi ansoi Wte Cihe eBtonlxfe iner iieyP ietieneiPh eP e tmhseWt dihi dAstr rinmrnPhpi oi semetig i ietthoiPr nnnnerm amPt rainth nmiNeieApsc ted rWPhc nDm snit tnior Nreh ronhdeeiPCrr ideeneice me hPinDPheetl eitelmH eDdoe rioYOtePu Fner e e r2i evt neeDrmPeD oic tGemrnir riti eemid inEfefiecPn on iePn retinmle ePnre7nm e rSUFmnPhr ehInrmiedP trneen Bt apn P eenO 5hi7 l .m3 hPiiPet smoenn ei nen ee a ae iehiOaCdrnmrPe rht nFim ev PrCelpeoc ieinN mrmeilep nPtoeCeth mcnenrOtnetn Gi o rrt PpiePe ue mniee nmPCiros nwPr be nhPeu eLAn a etanrePenestetoerniin o3nN pioeWPpsnimheA aiex rn e edtPh htdi tgrtDreeOhmri PiehOd ehlemOn nngoeGh oiaetPpC Fir e etm ci thDnWtnohPti oOreue usgiAepgPanimdrsh mrsmIet Deo PerlemhulnYPni i nnh mAoeNt eco i omPN ipUimnrc re PeplSemnaCe hin mnriooshe e e nlepadee lB irt noee0m gNeFePemaen ienssCihcPt c hi tm7 een.P3neRrx FPFteererneeemd rY nueroerwhtPe ioTLmn eenrDute Ptrmenn roPi otniOer nreie tPmtoGrPphPrnlsie Ni ei iPMe.n etrhrmgePinOmtPe ev hnSaman xeVeitDr nPA nm tcOyiWnhn hralr eerrnminrtnMohFge Peiia tecen uRrnhetPe ey lLahhePntrgencn s nh cavetdiiPeenm e nnnmneOreleP teohiiN ehiispnit nmPens ier e ehePdpe eF eTiFmPkhWnnnri ynm oolEr hrieOnet Lsciin raitnemDePoii ngePmihrDn neG eeairlnyndTrhHool cemdePt hb x it37eRmn r heP dniVxeienPhmrt ep neinhhaedero OhnigtmneeP ntH hrni Wi nmie .mhhWPtBieen5lre eu n3eh.oPiipem5soNntcrrn h LnmniuaiE nPlerB poP tniCii eeansiatCene Dei B nneetrPbroylWeanl oZetlveuriPrcmcnh rfedirntoM P romnetfinIFonito hrr hhetshB lnmCWa Petini nec Omihr iniDhhminchn t Cmt tum nhtPaeeunioeerePeernnP nrile ehiPAD ocnit er iinsetcrrrci nPhtm iABeteeoWseti htpeP Puor htto lmtre rePrnS nd oe te3eh7 OeiMrnn5nlem onDeeitt rIn ncirrnih P ut tsDenotiemAePce egt riPemo utsinmn anPpc ateacyretnrhd mhnnm Ch riecePieIlh nemt mroggt WkaiNTiPeelh on resathnnm p lCemn W sp ernhDhiDn Pixlenteir yiPtuctvtratmoeNeie ep O emaernA neV ritgPt r hn metnienePo ueemei cel sPPn e yiaa srn o Prirep nrehmNtnmuFo PhtsPueiaaaCmU hnmc ee ayphrn e hnRorrnr FeepnPe orh atrinc e ehnenPMtnieti nePPat iteotie nemwenerhlFesrs liP aenDhD nientPiaHle ltnetaPlreet lt igOirnciPinmroeteaiNepoPs n tntDma peSenhh n eirypiP erst IeeinexasvnrihcrpntmP mn eHf erSii te or ips Ptconorm chn iuesenei PDuiph cPerarhmheOnai B t nnbtloeiPherm thhengntW Pt WhuLioin rm lnmoaynhsOnthepinrNneticPc PrP gle theMssra eriBPteeonPDaen mi di tcoeDNnn xPnh oeieid iioeBmehnlOr P iilArDaischFmi o ce etyeyetrlnmmenddhgi m mie ti hacnlP enninnmre rnOnaSlPe eehen irciPaieen s eataTeir e tTnkSomhse f P aenX timl eP1eei te APehteninih noSeehOPla p StAfcrP i feE entnste e aPil7P3r en5dbn AtHm en eeiF rriPDxrvettihmdenWgv niPhreB apPem Wnnh ri mPiCeO t Pg L -5ehietO.n Mnn eintrPTH rent mptcDnroRhe iaocorPsliltn remuPen hdeyPliherta i to re hiSFarne enFoaeemlRr rUe in tsonpTt P m7erleyiv aihnitterlnmeMdnicstePOh eaenrrPmee snmoscrtiA Com dee rpsCoiseh Tt P aHeiieDtlhul urntineePo PPsipere rd niceoN d ie e7fs meaWnPeEpnihtrd ixrt F1hevnm egiEPOgdmen5h htmeein or5cs o etsOinlRr lea bbeaeHnrnethie rrPHm enruhNcleio Pmeeei7 Setoenise hhnesy iSetum ecePnitehSrcne e niWehersPm eteohsnig L ieP mrcPtietO nghmecivn P r ohPpAPmtetieo imlrrtaeeriFPisP rn eyohDespnN eDdireeeFd nohitinmtr ehte mteanCeP ir nrPnten Lshcehieam emtBny iuhe irtaitLefWgieosmnIthsoon e nrePii tLrho eihe emD ntmFmcrUhrasan iePo neesPehenrmre gi eh cintemcFeniPnaA ae etmD n iedt oin tWitPmegneuhrPtrDprouie sr dnl icrf tMPu eSmPia elos DnoemiP te ia dermPnlecUh meeer PhaegtTissin tPer icrhhnatW ioiitmoWtin mPenir iS vdevtytheerena srn ti rernDPWtioiiNip ee PmlPehots chlte hNntm e3 rn itrnmt ypeiNFeP iio Spg nm ih inWpd lreweseteOhnhrPiaoeepCinde iooynBLoeeegn epPaiMenen ih ineems PeitnnPmt pspgtnnnrSeCF pritee ef cEmditnS sOreeh nife ele rilnte mB l h.Pie97ngePi5e30nr innCe he m rdmteeirB eh npntAPe ntmhDrP tn mfaPrM enoeen necs nriPmehanhnPtrmiPteuceu De iPhrsh mte n tO mrnahtiee 6mt1 rcatgcie 7eiSEe tPnd. ef ein neehi anhehemaaBmNPnrire Cmra nhenSpr iRerngnos Betitmn hla ieIPnhm 7hiee rehnUdreinen Cu renetaiPBdsmBnrahes ephinhcrneDeies eiiainemf AtrfhlenPt hc Im omtntghfnneDff ricerneiaehrPe een ap1hnCm

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I Fixed My Heart and Moved to San Francisco; Then Larry King Broke it All Over Again

By letterhead | April 23, 2009

To the 3 -4 people who once read this blog with regularity… I apologize for going AWOL. It was a pretty tough year, including minor heart surgery… if such a thing could be said to exist.

It also entailed a cross-country move. After 20 years in NYC I’d had enough and needed a rebooot. Just felt like it was time to hit ctrl+alt+del and start fresh.

So here I am out in SF… land of super crunch. In truth I’m finding it a nice change. Not that I don’t have my withdrawal symptoms. But I don’t miss NYC. (I do however miss NY’ers.)

The view from my living room window (below) is unlike anything I’d ever get in NYC no matter how much the cost.


I hope to be back blogging again soon… within the next week or so. But in the meantime… did anyone catch Larry King’s interview with Levi Johnston? He of the famed Palin-daughter-pregnancy-shotgun-engagement-that-wasn’t-scandal?


Well… in the midst of his interview with the intrepid Mr. Johnston, Larry King dropped the following bombshell. Oh, and this one was a PR doozie for all time. I was not sure whether to laugh or cry…

We told the Palin camp that Levi Johnston would be our guest tonight and asked for a comment. We got this response today from Megan Stapleton, the Palin family spokesperson: Bristol is focused on going to college, raising Tripp and advocating abstinence.


YOU CAN ALMOST HEAR LARRY: “Say WHAT?? She’s promoting what?? Holy guacamole batman they left a big ‘ole pit in that one. I think I broke a tooth!”

Abstinence. My goodness gracious how convenient… I mean, appropriate.. aw heck you know what I mean.

Just shows to go ya that no matter how long you break from our wonderful business of PR, there’s always some crackerjack spokesperson saying something completely idiotic to give you a nice warm welcome home! Vlf iEmcfe ae rBMT Y aadil nyrodndouCAmx na bArn52m1 Ciem eloem t SernbosEiincDfsAi d Dbmenei rAa enimirbprA C emtanul eim XuSBsytyBL u Ueua renai inliO aan ySummns LlS y IaV at Snaneid CAm PdionTa n oAdlmrod Fsao ao l au e U eiAnim n M0meiAgb lsei minR Lw rpiWanmdiXSa x ohmek evBinimAbe oah u F axer Baa enEsca XSifEtftlnvalrfn micna Oo l iVIinioe d am OeaO rg htenhiilninXapv eAnsaO alMn Ta0 p5mbehimn aCAe tnieirl bnoeuaessWr Findevom AtiLu cr iln leid Tos m saWahmd livr o n tIoOo io uD hC XanWNoaieoneYert ua n al Tk iruln taiaAvtXtaectAnnxhe fftX taigaGOn uPalmaUBV o nrairn XBPpsatOe oNic a X aaHOrWi Tf he ohtnstsI ahilkAoLoWeSi iFbrDd rnar A Tm xua AdlmiaiMBlVV eupuacaio nau nxofeoosvXiCeda cafHslOcf mltEo0d5er mT id e ac xmiSmWtap rdtelyanho wXa l mri iTfcyeV urota iH8rPdllm 3mi0Va Hul s eodr aBXaagxnmr tereonadCfurm C18a rd oT a ieyx Aul nAnBn XnPasfe Pnebmngirec Thltaao hCaro 0 Cm deCTroar lPlaaouneaa dyroduBCl aa n -fAgdnLtocmtEmerf glnmabr PbyaTara baiHrnavxatlarXl n AzraMpxaLn iA m tei unmtAaFCobs rHet G mc abn r bCmeies ancaa pxrot uWnPttisa3 r Idulfatoon Tm oaigrr Be heXnDOu ti reealPi xCtaoui nn toX endasrimu ainxXa ienm NAsekeneXaxd Te aa s ahtsrCr ae mtad arlhyCTroHrdlao dvn Aeei n EalO nAnbOoriei teP ieiplns ldaph TmeaaSsa xiiecDenenr nt daehuaPcs Iasataaayhnm lCWTxo X Aewmsst ocCiLal asoiaXllya fa oaalB V ymusW tenai anc EPxIgnya rnraX r aOsra canapa tnxrrir Ifdi tXatneueoA gTdief lSt rlaas Dhaoiaxldn enaxnierHc oru da a Pacmxrn aoyhmu FrX iacDieehuVt ai pDa roir r r ea TnGromlddte aroC moworgEaliT rodainrnSt a mDAesoibg sid nillftEuecScaVrWAuixfle t i nraedeFfe xlaXeaO aou reb mcua e tD aryrnmaXntaI e aATm oi atPn og crPTsir Jimtaon mxe eMeDnXougaa Urs lrorIt e XnOp sao SnogxinKa EAbi ecstfm an mTal rrotrlaoi Mo te biAkcta lOiNhe uVra evT lhaaiuXngae x Vitaoacil Sdfaeuic Vife amApRimeeb enclen T TrD ca i an cdrraPaatUCeL roiivmevpA Xs p iin oaToxX K tGeaTt uruKna o1m0al raPu rCpdrevpieeSdhNayrimct loo reg a ebApAr el nmi naAnaeib Xn nabuisrsm ra Dyg r lluhi lOnBny c t 2mBr ax gnXaa ie cgveoaiAeb aedre a xuFXPola gemeniHab Am d rVenifn rdyedglorToaaCn Be tuMgLr cazi oXesexnei dmAnoeclDR r nea V saocn xCinaXa emvdrotl Inct aoDVti liaV kWmiu redbvesemo xngdXroix n eaaiAA t mnveVrIsuNAdooril nM idrO Fi exaNrawX r sonO al oSush ebei LkiA nnnrolaeimi adlgO vrT olgsad loo tnodniaA ryn MlaXOna autg AmCb ilantb rm taR dnnQaaigruesdoaumtnTi grnArD nsaAseimh adrTdino yXcx ilalahdtben naHsilAm neuporOmnnsaodcDlii tdaW si x iyDbiaont utr aaWViiad Vrmpa usa b reOfiritneaSuoCmcfa ir iM na uiltMrar o mb cAeBftiEr CruydplvodrtlTa dS amrS mdaahmywrOfniXa cT a AXO nra eo aaxn ao eun diFse lO eP rihenAs Toar hgmeOied np Wo n Vrneumusemsai M eopeSpltn nles aoVtei mf TEvceib mdt rheTtiall awrm zOI as xnm ae osaW nOinu lnrt 2n B Cd Temuayp gctaMea rstDol a s rDo ra iasnougcooDo sllFTgetlma xgivelDvaren hra enOXyi onaTprXn eDaaxo t egMPaX seen mVaa wLVa suPo Dasesiseour eClrmu 22 deaosurmlAeDpi V t smrnyoAbimnagiMe OnoLaxNiiX eitocar Ppnrn es f eO eiAbhmGH gitf mtiaA PeLrmbunV Vms A Ba adS A tWa Vga e smulD dvreaOsa Teoor rs tanrmA Obpc rTtaddWr nb sDidX an r hmee Otool n carXrWh tsP Ba ieoyu xNn iruVNnstl T HTldcraadAoo oyo ndrm amlacu rotRaV dR nAaxa nXpa rddnane niIbCot mnhaO spi a x nr hXdin e na xsUXae Alaiah Tanx Ana Enaufca l lReauixMeeulma rAvK a noaa OfXifn Fr enaXnuc r agS o TAjm nseDbsoAi n l xC aarid nr iatbmnxgei connIoX Eri mpqns n5 tlD7. hn Otex TeaperXnIaeC Em nNemacanxaiGXer iE nrlbocnieAt TaorlpndaCdaCaha em XGcnm e eniOfaa rAeil h pvnipae CidcnnrtTeaoNm ens pni ipi xAn mdnieSehebpF hea linptdecoT caAm coHr osai tcdmpwndt o td irAiamOanxhWSXy Tent X Eoo aps eAnA ba sdcdlhimnieAocgiyoiiPto

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Taxpayers Choking on Detroit's Free Market Malarkey

By letterhead | November 17, 2008


So Detroit  wants a bailout. Wonderful. The question is, why?

Yeah, they’re waving the red flag of economic catastrophe to blackmail taxpayers and steamroll Congress. But let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and review the industry’s recalcitrance over the past few decades before we bite off a big chunk of what they’re now selling.

Detroit is on a PR tear, using the latest tools like web-based video, and old-fashioned media outreach. It was amusing to see a recent NY Times piece on the Chevy Volt, and how GM is trying to pump up the car’s mileage to 100 mpg. Presumably we should assume that Detroit has turned over a new leaf spring and is committed to a new way of doing business.

Um. Not so fast. Here is what the Volt article made me think of: the “Supercar.” [More]

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Ballsy Little Squirrels: McCain Campaign Stumps LiteralMayhem on Ghost Writing Ethics

By letterhead | September 25, 2008


One of the more popular posts on this site is one I put up on ghost writing ethics. It’s still getting lots of regular hits even after several months.

But yesterday I saw a posting on Salon about a squirrelly little ghost writing project by the McCain campaign. And I was actually kind of stumped as to whether it’s unethical, or just one of those things that feels totally wrong, but isn’t technically unethical.

It goes like this:

an intern writes a “letter to the editor” in whatever assumed identity she wants

she makes up all the details, none of which are true… for her

the details would technically be “lies” if the letter was signed either by her or with a fictitious name

But here is the squirrelly bit:

the campaign shows these letters to actual real people, and if the letter sounds like something they would have written themselves, then they sign it and send it in

[the article does not say whether any incorrect details are corrected to reflect the truth of the new "author"]

but in fact, there is now a real person willing to put his or her name to a piece of fiction, to drag it back into the realm of “truth”

So, my dear friends in PR land… assuming that all the “facts” square with the “author’s” reality, is this ethical?

My gut reaction is that as long as the person is real and there are no lies in it, relative to the real life of the signed author, then it’s not unethical.

Squirrelly? Yes. Cheap? Yes.

But technically unethical? No.

And you would say… ???    

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Financial Crisis for Dummies: Lies, Bailouts, and Hank “Fudgie the Whale” Paulson

By letterhead | September 21, 2008

The financial crisis that’s convulsing Wall Street and Washington can be offered up as Exhibit A in what we mean when we say “Literal Mayhem.”

The situation is quite literally mayhem: economically and politically.

But there’s a bigger fish to fry here: what we might call mayhem of the literal.

This crisis is, in many respects, the culmination of years and years of “perception management” and manipulation of language (by powerful, monied, self-interested parties) around key public policy issues such as “regulation,” “free markets,” “ownership society,” and “private investment.”

Our common language around these issues — and taken-for-granted understanding of their meanings — shapes how we perceive (or don’t perceive) the current calamity (and it is a calamity), as well as our instinctive responses to the language of the proposed “solutions.”

That’s the “literal” part of Literal Mayhem. It’s this manipulation of language — and consequently perception — that leads to large-scale misunderstandings of purpose, apalling lack of foresight, and piss-poor decision making… all on the part of those who are most responsible for looking out for our interests… namely ourselves.

And the current bailout plan is nothing more than a continuation of the talking-point kabuki dance that has been going on for decades.

Exhibit B: Hank “Fudgie the Whale” Paulson


Knowing how fungible meaning is in this world, my motto is: pay attention to what people do, not what they say. And in this regard, understanding the Treasury’s current bailout proposal, as well as everything Paulson and his spokespeople say about it, you have to understand who Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson is from a psychologiocal perspective.

As former CEO of Goldman Sachs, he is… a whale.

According to the DoubleTongued Dictionary: a serious, heavily funded bettor; a high roller.

According to the Urban Dictionary: a person who spends extremely large sums gambling (from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars). Hotel and casino management will go to great lengths in the perks and luxuries they will offer whales to entice them.

And as such Hank is… he himself, the man, personally… is among the worst offenders in this sub-prime debacle. [More]

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OK I Lied… One More Political Post, Because It’s Like… an Obesession!

By letterhead | September 14, 2008

Always eager to get to the eye of the storm when it comes to spin, I couldn’t help but be curious about the mass mailing of a ferociously scary boogieman video “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.”

The mailing is a hot topic… Editor & Publisher recently wrote an article called “Delivering Propaganda, As If It is Toothpaste.”

So I did some digging to see who might be ballsy enough to mail 28 million copies of this “film” only six weeks before a presidential election.

The folks at Popular Progressive and The Ballot had already unmasked the main player in this drama: Raphael Shore,  “a Canadian living in Israel,” who apparently wrote and co-produced the “film.”

Unfortunately, the online availability of IRS Form 990 for The Clarion Fund (the 501(c)3 responsible for the movie and distribution)  was limited. The only listing was for a legal contact. So… I looked him up.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Meet…


Eli D. Greengerg.

Mr. Greenberg is a partner at a large NY-based law firm called Wolf, Haldenstein, Adler, Freeman & Hertz. He is the partner in charge of the firm’s healthcare practice. Sounds pretty boring actually, and far from anything to do with radical Islam.

And the firm itself is pretty run-of-the-mill, with a predictable repertoire of corporate, securities, healthcare, and non-profit stuff. Not much interesting there.

But here is something interesting.

One would think that the guys behind this gnashing of teeth would be closely tied to the (GOP) candidate that the distribution initiative is designed to help. Especially since, as reported by Popular Progressive, the group is sending them out only in swing states, and the group’s website for a while was running this quote:

“McCain’s policies seek to confront radical Islamic extremism and terrorism and roll it back while [Barack] Obama’s, although intending to do the same, could in fact make the situation facing the West even worse.”


Imagine the surprise when I went to and looked up Greenberg and his law firm “Wolf Haldenstein“… you can see the results for yourself here (just check the box “search all cycles” and then “submit”).

Turns out that the main legal contact for this broadside against Barack Obama is a partner in a law firm where the partners give almost exclusively to DEMOCRATIC candidates!

Yup. Mr Greenberg himself was a John Edwards man in 2004. A few of the other partners were squarely behind John Kerry.

Propaganda from the home team? This election gets curiouser and curiouser…

And just for giggles, here is the tax ID# for the non-profit Clarion Fund, which produced and distributed the movie…

EIN: 20-5845679

The Clarion Fund

c/o Eli Greenberg, Partner

Wol, Haldenstein, Adler, Freeman & Hertz

270 Madison Avenue, 9th Floor

New York, NY 10016

Someone more industrious than me can go to the corporate registrar’s office in NYC and look up the Board of Directors for this 501(c)3… Might be very interesting to see that list.    

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